Monday, 5 October 2009

PLINGS Development

Started working on the app on Thursday. Have done some learning about the ASP.NET AJAX controls that come bundled with ASP.NET 3.5. There's a few new things around using the ScriptManager and an UpdatePanel but once you get your head around these it's OK.

Today I started looking at the 'Create Activities' function. One of the requirements for this is to allow a user to choose a recurrence type from a menu (i.e. daily, weekly) or create their own custom recurrence type (for example fortnightly every Thursday). I think to implement this I'm going to store a list of recurrence types in a database table together with information on the recurrence and then offer this list to the user on the Create New Activity screen. One of the options will also be to create a new Recurrence type and if they choose this they will get redirected to another form once the activity has been created. This form will allow them to build the custom recurrence type and link it back to the Activity they just created.