Monday, 23 August 2010

Do I really need to ditch ASP.NET?

Something I have been thinking about for a while is trying to move away from ASP.NET as the front end for the web applications that I work on, instead using a combination of Javascript / jQuery for the client and WCF to handle the transactional and data part of things. You'll see some recent posts that look at this relationship in a bit more detail.

But do I really need to ditch ASP.NET? It's taken me 6 years to become pretty proficient with the framework (and I still learn new stuff when I'm busy with projects). Starting from scratch with jQuery would probably be another six years - and for what? I see websites like Ticketmaster which must handle a crazy amount of traffic and I don't see much there that I couldn't handle in ASP.NET. Could I replicate the way that Facebook works? Probably not. But does that really matter? I guess there comes a time in the career of many professional footballers when they realise that they're never going to play for Liverpool. Same applies to me.

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