Monday, 13 September 2010

The Pomodoro Technique

"A way to get the most out of time management". Charlie Brooker mentioned this on the Guardian website (in amongst a rant against Google's crazy new instant search) and I have found it a very useful way of getting some work done. I've been struggling recently with my concentration levels; in a hot, noisy office where people are talking to you it can be difficult to focus on the task in hand - especially when said task is repetitive and / or dull.

Pomodoro basically says "get a stopwatch, work for 25 mins then grab a 5 minute break and repeat". That's not all it says and I urge you to read the website for more information. I think I remember reading somewhere else that the maximum concentration span of an undergraduate in a lecture is 25 minutes which makes the 50 minute lectures I used to attend 100% too long and this technique backs that up. It's been useful for me in breaking the day down into smaller slots with a beginning (and, more importantly, an end) and has helped me to work through what I have needed to do today. Maybe it will work for you too?

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