Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Team Foundation Server 2010 (3)

Came across a problem referencing a .dll today. The application that I am migrating into TFS2010 as part of the learning process relies quite heavily on the Ajax Control Toolkit for its UI and the .dll has to be included as part of the solution.

Unfortunately it's not enough to reference the library as was the norm in VS2008 because the build server couldn't see it. I tried creating a folder called C:\Build on my laptop and the build server and placing the file in both these locations but that didn't solve it either. Fortunately I found the answer about half way down this thread; you have to include the .dll in the workspace structure of the solution otherwise it won't work. So I created a folder called References inside the project folder of the branch I'm trying to build, added the .dll to it and then referenced the .dll from this location in my VS2010 solution. Worked like a charm.

It looks like TFS ignores any .dll you add this way for build purposes; I guess you don't want your build failing because the 3rd party .dll you are using has an unassigned variable lurking. I then tried merging the dev branch into main to see if TFS was smart enough to replicate the referencing and it was, there is now a folder called References in the Main workspace and the solution file for Main contains a reference to that file. Very slick indeed.

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