Saturday, 12 February 2011

International Thai Foundation (ITF)

I am delighted to announce the start of a working relationship with the International Thai Foundation (ITF). I was approached by John Lewis (their legal representative) shortly after I sent out my 'volunteer offering his services' mailshot back in December.

ITF is "an international not-for-profit organisation" with a clear set of objectives: "promote education, protect human rights / civil liberties and relieve poverty for the people in Thailand (including Distressed Foreign Nationals); and assist Thai people, their families and businesses integrate in England (and other countries outside of Thailand)".

I am really happy to volunteer my time to ITF, particularly in light of events such as this denial of free speech by the Thai government. My initial work has been to familiarise myself with the web hosting that ITF uses. I've installed Joomla and Wordpress onto one of the websites and can now start to get involved in the detail of what the site looks like and how we get traffic to visit it and keep coming back.

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