Tuesday, 17 November 2009

GIS Dashboard Replication with STRATUS RIA tools / DOJO (3)

Success! After yesterday's frustrations at not being able to download the right files a colleague who knows a lot more about setting up Apache websites than I do suggested recreating the Stratus web server locally and pointing Aptana at the local version instead. So we did the following:
  • Installed Apache Tomcat 5.5.23
  • Copied the contents of the Stratus webapp (that's the root for Tomcat much like inetpub\wwwroot is the root for IIS) into the local webapp folder
  • Created a new project in Aptana and pointed this to the ria content on the local machine
  • Moved all my test files across and hit compile

After a little bit of messing with the filepaths for the .js and .css resources we were good to go. The map displayed and I was able to move around, zoom in / out and all that good stuff.

Now I've started working on getting onclick events from the map, and also using the features tables to do a 'Find My Nearest' search for libraries and one stop shops. This is giving me a little headache - I can't get any x / y co-ords to work other than the sample ones provided by PB - but I'll get there.

A good morning's work.

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