Monday, 16 November 2009

GIS Dashboard Replication with STRATUS RIA tools / DOJO (2)

Bit of a frustrating afternoon. I've been building up the structure of the application and making sure that all the necessary .js files are available (there are a lot). If you dump a load and then refresh Aptana it takes a few minutes to update itself which is irritating (I guess it's compiling all the content or something).

Now I have got to the stage where it looks like FireFox is downloading a load of content from the server that the API sits on but it's trying to get hold of one particular file in a folder that doesn't exist (ria/widgets./i18n.js) anywhere on the server. I wonder if this is a bug? The wierd thing is that the examples work fine so maybe it's something I'm doing wrong.

More tomorrow.

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