Tuesday, 17 November 2009

GIS Dashboard Replication with STRATUS RIA tools / DOJO (4)

Another pretty successful afternoon. Three of us have worked together to figure out how to pull back and display event information within a specific radius of a point on the map. We also discovered that the map was configured wrong based on the PB examples (their bounds are set for London, not Knowsley).

There doesn't appear to be an onMapMouseOver event (or something similar) to fire an event when the mouse is moved. I phoned the support team and they said that they tried to get it to work but couldn't. That's a bit of a shame.

Now I need to start planning how to actually put the dashboard together and also if there's a way to filter data that gets pulled back from the Geostore table. I also need to work out how to show events for a specific area partnership. Lots to do but much further on than I thought I would be after just two days.

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