Friday, 20 November 2009

GIS Dashboard Replication with STRATUS RIA tools / DOJO (6)

Another successful afternoon (yesterday, I'm writing this a day late). Now I have the web application displaying both east / north / ward info when the user clicks as well as displaying enforcement statistics for the specific ward. Had a bit of a crisis over the mouse click - for some reason the app was only displaying the stats info on the second click - but I fudged it in the end by nesting a function within a function on the OnMapClick event. It works so I guess that's the main thing - I have a suspicion that the problem was being caused by the search results that were coming back. I use two different search functions and both were returning an object called 'results'; need to investigate this further.

Today I need to work on the following:
  • Replace the standard layer with a layer that shows the ward boundaries
  • Add a date filter that lets the user decide how much data they want to see
  • Figure out how to display graphs of data using the DOJO framework

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